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Courses Starting Monday May 9th!

Everyone is welcome to participate in ‘Day 1’ Panel Discussions.  


Jennifer Hunter  |  |  t: (613) 476 1811  ext.5 


2 x 3 hour in-person classes at Loyalist

May 9th & 10th


Monday May 9, 1-4pm:

whole animal breakdown

Tuesday May 10, 1-4pm:

sausage making

Snout to tail cuisine has become an increasingly popular approach to cooking. This two-part micro credential provides a step-by-step demonstration of the breakdown of a whole pig into primal cuts, an opportunity for students to assist with trimming and an overview of the various uses for each primal. Day two is a hands-on opportunity to create a variety of pork sausages including an equipment overview, grinding, stuffing, and seasoning.

Faculty: Chef Scott Royce

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knife Skills Image

1 x 3 hour in-person class at Loyalist

May 24th

Knife Skills

Tuesday May 24, 1-4pm

Proper knife skills elevate the skill set of any cook, providing a foundation of safe handling as well as increasing finesse through technique. This hands-on, introductory micro credential covers the basics of slicing and dicing into classic cuts, the fundamentals of a sharpening stone and proper honing technique to keep knives sharp and effective.

Faculty: Chef Scott Royce

2 x 2 hour synchronous classes

June 6th & 7th

Leadership & Conflict Resolution in Hospitality

Monday June 6, 1-3pm:


Tuesday June 7, 1-3pm:

Team Building & Conflict


The professional kitchen is a fast-paced, stressful environment where a team must work together to produce a high volume of products in a brief period. This two-part, online micro credential covers some of the fundamentals of leadership, effective team building and conflict resolution strategies. This course is a great introduction for employees who are currently in a leadership role or who aspire to be a leader one day.

Faculty: Chef Karin Desveaux

Pretty Dessert Plates

3 x 3 hour in-person classes at Loyalist

June 13th & 14th & 20th


Monday June 13, 1-4pm:


Tuesday June 14, 1-4pm:


Monday June 20, 1-4pm:


A cook who can also bake becomes much more versatile in today’s professional kitchen. In this introductory micro-credential, students will observe and create some basic bread, cake and pastry recipes over the three classes. Learners will not only be shown the classic, professional techniques involved in producing these items, but also learn about some of the “why” ingredients interact as they do.

Faculty: Chef John Schneeberger


Courses and Micro-Credentials 2022 Loyalist and PELC

PELC Courses

Three courses to attend

Attendees must register to participate in The PELC Series

Jennifer Hunter  |  |  t: (613) 476 1811  ext.5 

Culinary industry members must CLICK HERE TO PRE_REGISTER

1 x full-day in-person @Waring House

May 29th

Safe Food Handling

Monday May 29, 9AM-4PM

In Good Hands online certification with support from PELC Instructor. Laptops can be provided to complete the course and test.

2 x 3 hour classes @PELC

May 30th & 31st

Digital Skills for Work

Monday & Tuesday, 1PM-4PM

Learn how to respond to emails clearly and professionally, use a digital calendar to stay organized and on time, and brush up on basic computer skills with a refresher course in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. You will learn: basic spreadsheet use, creating emails for work, getting organized with Google Calendar, saving documents and working in Google Drive, preparing documents and reports simultaneously with colleagues. 

3 x 2 hour classes at PELC

July 4th, 5th, & 11th

Soft Skills for Work

MONDAY July 4, 1PM-3PM:


Tuesday July 5, 1PM-3PM:

Problem Solving

Monday July 11, 1PM-3PM:

Stress Management

Develop your “soft” skills in communication, problem solving, and stress management. Soft skills are the non-technical skills you use every day to work well with others both professionally and personally. Work with our instructors to identify the soft skills you use most at work and improve upon these skills through one-on-one instruction and group work scenarios. For those wanting to communicate more effectively at work.