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Partnership for Excellence

A culinary program designed to elevate county cuisine.

In the spirit of enrichment, enlivenment, and education, the Partnership for Excellence showcases a series of appearances from internationally celebrated chefs and hospitality professionals.

These are all two-day events, with a panel discussion moderated by a renowned journalist or hospitality expert, open to all employees currently working in the culinary industry on one of the days, and a ticketed event open to the public at a local host restaurant on the second day.

I think of my business as bringing people together as colleagues and collaborators, to foster events that evoke pure culinary joy and pleasure. Each event I curate is made to order, both for the client and the brands involved.  They live in a moment of time never to be repeated.

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2-day series Mondays & Tuesdays

Day 1  | Panel Discussions  |  Open to the Public

Day 2  |  Ticketed Culinary Events  |  Open to the Public

All attendees must register via e-mail to participate in ‘Day 1’ Panel Discussions:

Jennifer Hunter  |  jennifer@pelc.ca  |  t: (613) 476 1811  ext.5